In accordance with LAW 14/2013 of 27 September, in Article 63, non-EU nationals who have made a significant capital investment may apply for the corresponding investor residence visa, which will also be extended to their families. 

The authorizations regulated in this Law allow the carrying out of work activities as an employed or self-employed person to both the investor and their families.

According to this Law, a significant capital investment is understood as one which meets one of the following requirements:

a) An initial investment of a value equal to or greater than:

1st. Two million euros in Spanish government bonds, or

2nd. One million euros in shares or shareholdings of Spanish capital companies with a real business activity, or

3rd. One million euros in investment funds, closed investment funds or venture capital funds established in Spain, within the scope of Law 35/2002 of November 4, Collective Investment Institutions, or Law 22/2014 of November 12 regulating Venture Capital entities, other closed-type collective investment entities and management companies of closed-type collective investment entities, amending Law 35/2003 of 4 November Or

4th. One million euros in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.

b) The acquisition of immovable property in Spain with an investment of value of EUR 500,000 or more for each applicant.

c) A business project to be developed in Spain and that is considered and accredited as in the general interest, for which compliance with certain conditions will be assessed.

In addition, Articles 68 and following of the same Law regulate entry, stay and residence for FOREIGN ENTREPRENEURS, who may apply for a one-year visa in order to carry out the previous formalities to be able to develop an ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY.

An entrepreneurial activity is understood to be one that is of an innovative nature with special economic interest for Spain and to this end has a favorable report from the corresponding office.

Partner profiles, business plan, financial plan and market analysis should be provided for the assessment of the interest of this entrepreneurial activity.

From IURIS FINTECH, we group both companies already established with real activity developed or developing in which to make investments for the purposes of this Law, as well as those startups that intend to start an activity considered in the general interest.

If you are a foreigner and an entrepreneur or want to start your activity in Spain, we can develop the application, business plan, market analysis and financial plan, so that it meets the legal requirements until the issuance of the certificate of interest that allows apply for residence permits for entrepreneurs.